Prepare Your Soil

Here are a few steps to prepare your soil to support a healthy lawn.

Depending on your budget, some of these steps may be altered.

  • 1
    Get rid of old sod and clear any debris (rocks, stumps, weeds, etc.)
  • 2
    Grade the lawn by sloping it slightly away from the primary foundation to prevent drainage issues.
  • 3
    Til the top few inches of soil to improve aeration and reduce compaction. You can choose to add nutrient-filled compost to be mixed with the soil to enhance sod growth.
  • 4
    Install a sprinkler system to efficiently water your grass.
  • 5
    Re-grade your lawn before installation to ensure there are no potholes or divets that will allow water to stand.
  • 6
    Test your soil pH and add a fertilizer depending on the nutrients that you need.

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