419 Bermuda

419 Bermuda

  • Dark Green color
  • Fine texture, thin leaf blades (2.2mm)
  • Grows from above-ground runners (stolens) and below-ground shoots (rhisomes)
  • Recommended for full sun exposure
  • Heat and drought tolerant; can withstand temperatures in excess of 100°F
  • More cold tolerant than Celebration
  • Good wear resistance; performs well in high‑traffic areas
  • Adapts well in most soil conditions

Tifway 419 is an improved hybrid Bermuda developed from the famed Tifton, Georgia turf‑breeding program. It has a dark green color and low growth habit. Tifway 419 is used for many applications, but it is best known in the South for its use on golf courses and sports fields. It is also the most widely used Bermuda grass in Texas. This variety is dense, has excellent wear resistance, and is able to quickly recover from damage. It has poor shade tolerance.

Dark Green Color

Wear Resistance

Drought Tolerant

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