• Fine texture, long and thin leaf blades (1.33 to 1.79mm)
  • Grows from above-ground runners (stolens) and below-ground shoots (rhisomes)
  • Highly dense, uniform growth pattern
  • Requires less fertilizer; can thatch if over-fertilized
  • Good shade tolerance
  • Moderate to low water use
  • Good salt tolerance

Cavalier was developed at Texas A&M’s Agricultural Experiment Station from a zoysia with Japanese origins. Cavalier Zoysia is a fine textured, high-density turf that is used on residential and commercial sites, sports fields and golf courses. It is similar in appearance to Tifway Bermuda grass, but has improved winter hardiness and survivability under reduced management. Cavalier has less of a tendency to scalp, which occurs when a mower is set too low and cuts too deeply into the grass, than some other zoysias. When compared to St. Augustine, Cavalier is a thicker, denser turf requiring less fertilizer.

Shade Tolerance

Fine Texture

Moderate to Low Water Use

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