EMPIRE® Zoysia

EMPIRE® Zoysia

  • Soft-to-the-touch texture, medium leaf blades (5-7mm)
  • Grows from above-ground runners (stolens) and below-ground shoots (rhisomes)
  • Low maintenance
  • Requires less fertilizer; can thatch if over-fertilized
  • Grows in sandy loam, muck and clay soils
  • Moderate shade tolerance

Empire was developed in Brazil. As a result, it thrives in extreme heat and humidity. Empire is an adaptable zoysia—it can adapt to the varying climatic conditions of the southern United States as well as to a wide range of soil types. Its massive root system runs deep and sustains the grass through periods of drought, heavy use, and harsh conditions while providing rapid injury recovery. Empire is used for residential and commercial sites.

Low Maintenance

Shade Tolerant

Soft to Touch

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