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We’ve been in the turfgrass business for over four decades now and we’re proud of our family’s accomplishments. In 1978, with just a 20-acre homestead and a lot of hard work, our family turned a small amount of St. Augustine into one of the finest turfgrass operations around.


Willie Gavranovic

Willie Gavranovic was born into a humble farming family of six, where hard work, unity and a strong family bond were essential to put food on the table.

Upon graduating from Wharton County Junior College in 1968, Willie began his own career in agriculture, growing such crops as cotton, corn, milo, soybeans and rice.

Willie was lovingly married to his late wife, Gladys, for over 47 years. They have three children, Irene, William Jr., and Rachel plus eight grandchildren. In fact, when asked what drives his desire to succeed in the demanding field of agriculture, Willie simply responds “Family.”

Willie has been a member of Turfgrass Producers of Texas, Texas Turfgrass Association, and Turfgrass Producers International since the early 80s. He also served on the Board of Directors for Texas Sod Producers Association from 1998-2000. In 2007, Willie received the Ag Man of the Year Award from the Wharton County Youth Fair and Exposition.

Even though Willie’s business interests are demanding, he still finds time for his hobbies, which include playing with his grandchildren and taking them fishing, flying his airplane, riding his Harley, boating and gardening.

William Gavranovic, Jr.

William Gavranovic, Jr. grew up working with his dad in the family farming operation. He actively participated in growing and harvesting rice, corn, soybeans and turfgrass from an early age. William attended Wharton County Junior College and Texas A&M University, studying Agricultural Economics.

William served as a director and Secretary/Treasurer of Turfgrass Producers of Texas (TPT) from 2002-2004. He is serving again as a TPT director from 2014-2016. He was actively involved in meetings with SAWS (San Antonio Water System). William believes that maintaining our natural resources is a vital issue facing agriculture today. He also believes in promoting turfgrass research and the development of new varieties for improved usage in various areas.

William has four children: Caroline, Haley, Garrett, and Connor. He proudly teaches his kids the values of “striving to be their personal best” at whatever they choose. His kids are very involved with school activities and when they aren’t, they help their dad around the farm.

Irene Gavranovic-Sipes

Irene Gavranovic-Sipes also grew up working the family farm. She attended The University of Texas, graduating in 1991 with a double major in Economics and Soviet & East European Studies. She received an MBA in 1996 from Eastern New Mexico University. In 1999, Irene returned to her roots and entered the turfgrass business with her father, Willie, and brother, William.

Irene started All Seasons Turf Grass in 2000. All Seasons Turf Grass is currently a leading Texas turf supplier with an emphasis on the west Houston market. Irene’s involvement in the turfgrass industry continued to expand when she was elected to the Turfgrass Producers of Texas (TPT) Board of Directors in 2008. In 2009, her commitment to the industry was recognized as she was elected TPT President, the first woman to receive the honor.

Irene is married to Scott Sipes. He is an All Seasons outside salesman for Houston area. In their free time, they enjoy playing tennis and golf, gardening, cooking, traveling and attending the theater.

Rachel Weaver

Rachel Weaver started working on the family farm in high school. She graduated Boling High School in 1996 and attended Wharton County Junior College. While in high school she started working with the company tending test plots of different grass varieties and working on the farm. Within a few years she transferred to the office handling accounts payable, accounts receivable, and payroll. She is part owner of R&R Turf Farms in Monaville.

Rachel is married to Ryan Weaver who manages the daily farm operations and organization of all five farms in south Texas. He handles the fertilization, pesticide and insecticide applications, irrigation, organizing the men, initializing dirt work on new farms, etc…

Rachel and Ryan have four children: Barron, Seth, Suri, and Flynn. They strive to teach their children good morals values, and to always do their best at whatever the task. During the school year the children are very involved in school activities, but throughout the summer months the older children help out on the farm.

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