Palmetto® St. Augustine

Palmetto® St. Augustine

  • Emerald green color
  • Finer texture than other St. Augustine varieties, wide leaf blades (8-9mm)
  • Grows from above-ground runners (stolens)
  • High shade tolerance, more than Raleigh St. Augustine
  • Grows at a lower height than Raleigh if not maintained
  • Excellent cold tolerance; it can stand up to temperatures near 0°F
  • High drought tolerance once established due to massive root system
  • Excellent salt tolerance

Palmetto is the versatile turfgrass. It is primarily used for residential and commercial sites. The grass has an emerald green color and a massive root system, which make it drought and cold tolerant. Palmetto can thrive within a wide range of climate and soil conditions.

Emerald Green Color

Shade Tolerant

Cold Tolerant

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